MyMantra s.r.l. offers new sustainable, innovative and natural materials.
The founder's love for animals, combined with a desire to lessen the impact of factory farming and the leather industry on the environment, a drive towards innovation and an innate love of fashion and design, provided the necessary incentive to create the fourth material in fashion and design.


the wood soft as leather and flexible as a fabric

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The wood used to create our fabrics comes exclusively from ethically managed forests, and with respect for the entire ecosystem. For this mymantra s.r.l. is FSC certified ®. From wood and other natural materials, new solution are born to be applied in the field of fashion and design.


The prominent material of MyMantra s.r.l. is Ligneah ®, the soft wood similar to a leather, one of the most innovative products entirely made in Italy. Besides the production of the material, MyMantra s.r.l. owns the fashion brand OOD ®, a line of fashion accessories made of natural and enviromentally friendly materials

Fields of Application


  • Home & Interior Design
    • Cushions
    • Lamps
    • Furnishing accessories
    • Upholstery (chairs, sofas)
    • Household linen and curtains
  • Automotive industry
    • Coverings
      (for seats and other components usually covered with textiles)
  • Fashion
    • Accessories
    • Clothing
    • Footwear
  • Packaging & Giftware
    • Diaries
    • Mobile phone cases
    • Covers for computers
    • Briefcases


As part of the development project related to the Italian and international patent, Mymantra offers companies in both Italy and abroad the opportunity to pursue various specific projects using applications stemming from the patent. International partnerships could also be established, to take up licences in countries where the material is not yet distributed.